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It is announced by the company LOULIS MILLS S.A. that the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the Company's Shareholders dated 23.06.2016 voted a share capital increase of the company's share capital by 1.027.503,72 Euros, through an increase of the nominal value of each current share by 0,06 Euro (from 0,94 Euros to 1,00 Euros) by capitalization of reserves «difference from issuance of share premium», simultaneously with a share capital decrease of the equal amount of 1.027.503,72 Euros, through a decrease of the nominal value of each share by 0,06 Euro (from 1,00 Euros to 0,94 Euros), aiming for the share capital return to the shareholders amounting to 1.027.503,72 Euros, that is 0,06 Euro per share.
With the above mentioned simultaneous increase and decrease, the share capital of the company remains 16.097.558,28 Euros, divided to 17.125.062 common shares of 0,94 Euros nominal value each.

On 04.07.2016, the decision of the Ministry of Finance, Development and Tourism was filed in General Commercial Register (G.E.MI.), with a code registration number 688127 and protocol number 70410/04.07.2016 (ADA: 7ΙΖD4653Ο7-KLF), through which the amendment of the 5th article of the company's articles of association has been approved.
Τhe Stock Market Steering Committee was informed on 14.07.2016 during its session about the equal amount share capital increase and decrease of the company's nominal shares value, as well as the share capital return to the shareholders of 0,06 Euro per share.

Further to the above, from 18.07.2016 onwards, the company's shares will be tradable through the Athens Stock Exchange with a final nominal value of 0,94 Euro per share, without having the right to participate in the share capital return to the shareholders of 0,06 Euro per share.
From same date onwards, the company's shares starting price in the Athens Stock Exchange will be formed according to the Athens Stock Exchange regulation and in alignment with Number 26 Board Resolution of the Athens Stock Exchange.

Entitled to the shareholder's share capital return will be the shareholders that will have been registered to Dematerialised Securities System (D.S.S.) by 19.07.2016
Τhe commencing date of the share capital return is set on 25.07.2016 and the process will be materialized through ALPHA BANK, according to the restrictions of capital withdrawal and capital movements that were imposed on 18.07.2016 legislative act (FEK Α΄ 84/18.07.2015), and exist today as follows:

- Through D.S.S. Operators, for investors that have authorized their Operators to collect their funds.
- Through ALPHA BANK's branch network for the shareholders that have requested exemption from their operator at D.S.S. or have their shares at the special account of their Investor Share.
- Those shareholders that for any reason will not have the opportunity to receive their share capital return through their operator, will be able to collect their share capital return through the ALPHA BANK's Branch Network, by showing their identity and presenting their printed D.S.S. information, or through duly and legally authorized by them people, by submitting a duly attested to the authenticity of Shareholder's signature authorization.

12 months after the commencing date of submission, that is 26.07.2017, the share capital return to the shareholders will only be paid through the company's offices in Athens, Spetson 1 Str. at Keratsini, 18755.

For further information, all shareholders can direct their queries to the company's Investor Relations Department (tel: 210 – 4090165)

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