Announcement of the merger by absorption of the company “KENFOOD TROFOGNOSIAS SA” by the company “NutriBakeS SΑ”

Loulis Food Ingredients_Announcement of the merger by absorption of the company “KENFOOD TROFOGNOSIAS SA” by the company “NutriBakeS SΑ”

The Management of the Societe Anonyme under the name of "LOULIS MILLS SA" pursuant to the provisions of article 17 of the Regulation with the number 596/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council, as well as of article of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation , announces to the investing public that the merger of the company "KENFOOD TROFOGNOSIOS SOCIETE ANONYME INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY" with the 70% subsidiary of LOULIS MILLS SA «NutriBakeS SOCIETE ANONYME OF BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY MIXTURES» was completed by absorbing the first one from the second.

The aforementioned merger was approved by virtue of Decision 8559/2018 of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Piraeus, registered in the General Commercial Register on 18/09/2018 under Registration Number 1475949, in accordance with the provisions of articles 68 par. 2 and 69-77 of the Cod. 2190/1920 and the provisions of article 54 of Law 4172/13 as applicable.

The same decision also includes the adoption of an amendment to article 5 of the Articles of Association of "NutriBakeS SA", according to which its share capital amounts to 670,310 € from 533,400 € divided into 67,031 common registered shares of nominal value value of 10 € from 53,340 common registered shares of a nominal value of 10 € each. The 67,031 new shares are available at 3.6319% to the shareholders and 96.3681% to the shareholders of the acquirer. As a result, LOULIS MILLS SA now owns 67.46% instead of 70% in "NutriBakeS SOCIETE ANONYME OF BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY MIXTURES".

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