Announcement on the increase and equal reduction of the share capital of the company by increasing and decreasing the nominal value of the share and return of capital by cash payment to shareholders

Loulis Food Ingredients_Announcement on the increase and equal reduction of the share capital of the company by increasing and decreasing the nominal value of the share and return of capital by cash payment to shareholders

LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS S.A. announces that the Ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of June 7, 2023, decided to increase the share capital of the Company by € 2.054.433,60 by increasing the nominal value of each share by 0,12 euros (from 0,94 euros to 1,06 euros) with capitalization of reserves "difference from the issue of shares for par value" as well as the equivalent reduction of share capital, i.e. by 2,054,433.60 by reducing the nominal value of each share by EUR 0.12 (from EUR 1.06 to EUR 0.94) in order to return capital in cash to the shareholders of EUR 2,054,433.60 or EUR 0.12 per share and the relevant amendment to Article 5 of the company's Articles of Association.
After the above increase and corresponding decrease, the share capital remains at EUR 16,093,063.20 divided into 17,120,280 common nominal shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.94 each.
On 09.06.2023, the decision of the Ministry of Development and Investments, number 2975766AP/09-06-2023, by which it approved the amendment of article 5 of the Articles of Association of the company, was registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.M.I.) with Registration Code 3635132.
The Corporate Transactions Committee of the Athens Exchange at its meeting on 16.06.2023, was informed about the equal increase and decrease of the nominal value of the company's shares and the return of capital by cash payment to the company's shareholders in the amount of EUR 0.12 per share.
Following the above, from 26.06.2023 the company's shares will be traded on the Athens Exchange with the final nominal value of EUR 0,94 per share and without the right to participate in the capital return with cash payment to the shareholders of EUR 0,12 per share.
As of the same date, the starting price of the company's shares on the Stock Exchange will be determined in accordance with the Athens Exchange Regulation in conjunction with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Stock Exchange No. 26 as in force.
The beneficiaries of the capital return are the shareholders registered in the records of the S.A.T. on 27.06.2023.
The date of commencement of payment of the capital return is set as 03.07.2023.
The capital return will be made by the paying bank "ALPHA BANK" through the Participants who hold the relevant securities accounts of the rights in the S.A.T., as follows:
1. Through the Participants who maintain the Securities Accounts of the rights holders in the S.A.T. (Banks and Stockbrokers) in accordance with the current Operating Regulations of ATHEXCSD and its relevant decisions.
2. Especially in cases of payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries whose securities are held in the Special Account of the Deceased in the S.A.T., under the handling of ATHEXCSD, the payment procedure will be carried out by the network of branches of "ALPHA BANK" after the completion of the legalization of the heirs. In addition, in case the beneficiary holds his/her securities in a liquidated S.E.P.E.Y. or in a special temporary transfer account, payment will be made through the network of the branches of the paying bank."
After 12 months from the payment start date, i.e. from 04.07.2024, the capital return in cash will be paid only from the Company's offices at 1 Spetson Street, Keratsini, Athens, 18755.
For further information, shareholders may contact the Company's Shareholders' Service Department (tel. 210- 4090165).

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