Answer to a question from the Capital Market Commission dated 24/02/2022

Loulis Food Ingredients_Answer to a question from the Capital Market Commission dated 24/02/2022

Following the question of the Capital Market Commission from 24/2/2022, the company LOULIS MILLS SA informs the investing public of the following:

Regarding sales to the countries involved, the Group does not have a significant exposure as its sales to them are negligible.

As regards grain purchases from these countries and especially from Russia, in the previous year they constituted 17% of the value of the total grain milled by the Group. The Group imports raw materials from several countries and thus has alternative solutions in case it is not possible to supply from the countries involved.

At the present time, it is not possible to estimate the potential impact on the Group's turnover, results and financial position, as we cannot yet predict the medium-term results of today's involvement.

The company constantly monitors the developments in order to take the appropriate measures for the smooth continuation of its activity.

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