Issue of Permission for the Execution of Forced Sale of Shares

Loulis Food Ingredients_Issue of Permission for the Execution of Forced Sale of Shares

According to Decision No. 7.25/443/06.09.2007 of the Greek Capital Market Commission permission was issued to execute forced sale of shares which have not been deposited for conversion into paperless form or are coming from company actions and have been issued in paperless form in favour of the holders of shares in Paper Form. Total number of bonus shares amounts to 8.351 (eight thousand three hundred and fifty five).
With the above decision, it was also decided to appoint INTERSEC SECURITIES ,qualified member of Athens Stock Exchange, for the execution of the Forced Sale of the above mentioned shares. As starting date of the Forced Sale, Thursday the 20th of September 2007 was appointed. The forced sale will be carried out accordingly to the Decision No.1/380/04.05.2006 of the Capital Market Commission and article 99A of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation.
The outcome of the forced sale will be deposited to the Escrow Fund, while the company will inform by letter the shareholders on the outcome of the forced sale and the procedure of collection of the amount deserved.

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