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Loulis Food Ingredients is currently, occupying the 1st position in the Greek Flour Industry in terms of production and distribution of bakery and confectionery raw materials.

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With four state-of-the-art production facilities in Sourpi, Keratsini, Theves and Toshevo, Bulgaria, Loulis Food Ingredients has been identified in the minds of its partners, suppliers and customers with the provision of excellent quality products, excellent service and value creation for society and nutrition.

Starting in 1782 from a small mill in Epirus, today it addresses the bakery, confectionery and HO.RE.CA professionals with different types of flour and semolina under the brand name Loulis Mills and a variety of different raw materials and mixes under the brand name Kenfood & Kaizen. It also offers consumers a complete range of products under the brand name St. George Mills & Easy Bake.

With a wide nationwide distribution network, it serves its customers from Evros to Crete. The company constantly invests in new technologies and upgrades its production with the aim of protecting the environment and dynamically contributing to the national economy. From 1951 is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange with the distinctive code ‘LOULIS’.

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