The evolution of the trademark

2022 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2022 The new trademark embraces all the products that our company produces and distributes now. It is inspired by the ear of grain, which constitutes the root of our company, while it also refers to human ... 2021 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2021 The construction of a grain silo with a capacity of 7,000 tons has begun on a privately owned plot in Sofia, Bulgaria. 2018 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2018 Loulis Mills strengthens its production infrastructure with the purchase of a new industrial unit (Mill) in northeastern Bulgaria, specifically in the town of General Toshevo. 2016 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2016 The Greek Baking School begins its operation in the building of the Mills of St. George in Keratsini, as a place of training and baking techniques for young bakers and confectioners. 2015 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2015 Despite the intense crisis experienced in Greece, Loulis Mills S.A. acquires the Greek company Kenfood, which is a pioneer in the production of mixes and raw materials for bakery and confectionery. Th... 2013 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2013 The operation of the Loulis Museum begins, in which objects related to the "wheat - flour - bread" chain are exhibited. The Museum, which is open to the public, is visited by dozens of children every ... 2012 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2012 Since October, the Mill of St. George has been operating again, according to the latest technology specifications and with zero burden on the environment, dynamically continuing its course in the 21st... 2011-2012 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2011-2012 Despite the recession of the Greek economy, the company is investing in Greece, creating a state-of-the-art flour mill with a capacity of 300 tons per 24 hours, in Keratsini, Attica, at the premises o... 2010 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2010 The company passes into the 7th generation and the administration is taken over by Nikos K. Loulis, a graduate of Boston University (Accounting and Finance department) as well as the Higher Special Te... 2007-2008 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2007-2008 The sale of the shares of the subsidiary companies in Romania and Bulgaria to LLI Euromills GmbH is gradually being completed. The shares of the subsidiary company in Albania are also sold. 2003 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2003 Construction of a new state-of-the-art Mill begins in Tirana, Albania, which begins production in 2004. 2001 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2001 The name of the company changes from Kylindromylos Loulis SA. in Loulis Mills S.A. Flour production begins at the new port facilities in Sourpi Magnesia, after the relocation of the production lines f... 2000 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-2000 Kylindromylos Loulis S.A. buys Sofia Mills in Bulgaria and takes over their management. 1999 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1999 Kylindromyloi Louli S.A. acquires through the Stock Exchange Agios Georgiou Mills A.E., which it subsequently absorbed. The result was to create a robust and large Greek flour industry with strong roo... 1998 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1998 After 7.5 years that were needed to collect the necessary certificates and documents, Kylindromylos Louli S.A. now obtains the permission to start the construction of the new cement mill in the bay of... 1997 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1997 The company is proceeding with the purchase of a plot of land of 100,000 sq.m. in Bucharest and the start of building works for the construction of a new Mill, bakery factory and pasta factory, which ... 1996 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1996 The company buys a plot of land of 45,000 sq.m. in Tirana, Albania, where it is building a distribution center. 1995 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1995 Kylindromylos Louli S.A. buys the Simitzis Mill in Kavala and proceeds with a radical renovation of the building and mechanical facilities. 1991 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1991 Konstantinos N. Loulis takes the first step for the relocation of the mill from VI.PE. Volos and the company buys a coastal plot of 100,000 sq.m. in Pagasitikos Gulf (Amaliapolis Bay) and begins the p... 1988 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1988 In the decade (1978-1988), after hard and systematic work, the Mill was gradually modernized, increasing its capacity to 700 tons per 24 hours. 1977 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1977 The new Mill in the Industrial Area of Volos begins to be built. 1975 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1975 Nikolaos K. Loulis dies, before reaching his fiftieth birthday. 1969 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1969 Nikolaos K. Loulis takes the first step for the relocation of the Mill, buying the first plot (20,000 m2) in the newly established Industrial Zone of Volos, where in the same year the construction of ... 1961 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1961 The management of the company is taken over by Nikolaos K. Loulis. 1954 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1954 The company's president is Georgios Them. Loulis, who managed the company until 1961, when he was elected MP for Magnesia of the Center Union. 1952 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1952 During the presidency of Konstantinou Them. Loulis, the company builds the first semolina mill in Greece, causing a real revolution in the field of pasta making, since it is now possible to produce th... 1951 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1951 On October 24, Kylindromylos Louli S.A. listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (28th oldest company of the A.S.E.) 1940 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1940 During the Greco-Italian war, every day most of the Mill's production supplied the Greek army, which was fighting on the Albanian front. 1935 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1935 After the death of Christos Loulis, the company's president is assumed by Konstantinos Them. Loulis until 1954. 1928 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1928 The new mill with Swiss BUHLER techology machines, with a capacity of 100 tons per 24 hours, begins its operation. 1927 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1927 The mill transformed into an anonymous company, with Christos Them. Loulis as president. 1926 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1926 In March, a fire destroys the Loulis Mill. A few months later, a news one begins to be built in the same place. 1924 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1924 The Mill is fully owned by Loulis brothers. 1914 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1914 Their success and the vision of industrialization and development lead them to the establishment of a new factory and the formation of a company under the name “Kylindromylos Loulis - N. Hatjinikou & ... 1912 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1912 During the retreat of the Turks, the property of the Loulis family in Epirus is destroyed and the Mill is burned. 1909 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1909 The Loulis brothers rent the Xydis Steam Mill in Ano Volos and start their own business activity. 1898 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1898 Christos Th. Loulis settles in Volos, liberated from the Turks. 1782 Loulis Food Ingredients-project-1782 The history of the Loulis family begins in the 18th century, when in 1782 Zois Loulis settled in Aetorachi, Ioannina, and built a stone mill.
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