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Quality Control

As the high and consistent quality of our flours and mixes is a key element of our philosophy, quality control is a key part of our production process. We have one of the most advanced and modern Quality Control laboratories not only for Greek data but also for global ones. Our team of analysts is made up of experienced food technologists as well as bakers who ensure that the final product is always of high quality.

Quality control ensures that the flour has the best quality characteristics while also performing analyzes to verify that the grain is free of harmful toxins, pesticides or other harmful microorganisms. This is achieved through the special machines we have but also through our collaboration with some of the best Greek accredited laboratories for this type of analysis.

We also collaborate with universities and other external bodies for research and development on issues related to grains and flours.

All the raw materials we use are tested, secured with all the required certificates.

The Quality Control process

We only receive grain that has been thoroughly checked by our laboratories and verified to be of excellent quality, according to our specifications, suitable for our production, and for human consumption. Sampling and analyzes are carried out throughout receipt.

We store our grains according to their quality characteristics and carry out continuous sampling and analysis both during production and in the final product. Every step of the production is sampled and only if the Quality Control approves this product it goes to the next stage of production.

Finally, after a flour has been checked by our quality control and before it receives the final approval that it is ready for sale, it passes for inspection in our fully equipped experimental bakery.

The experimental Bakeries

The experimental bakeries are located within the quality control area of each facility and are fully equipped with all the machinery that a professional production area has.

There we can produce everything that a baker or a confectioner would produce in their oven and in their workshop, and that’s what we do.

Every day all products before proceeding to packaging and distribution pass through our experimental bakery where our experienced baker kneads, molds and bakes all products. So, in addition to the scientific analysis of flours, every day we also have a practical picture of the behavior of a flour during kneading, resting (stewing) and baking. Finally, we carry out a visual and taste evaluation of the produced products.

Thus, a flour will be tested at least four times before it goes on the market. This is a key contributing factor to our products having the high and consistent quality they are known for.

Research & Development

As consumption habits are constantly changing and the demands of the baker are increasing, since 1990 we have created the Research and Product Development (R&D) department, which consists of experienced food technologists who, in combination with baking technicians, are constantly improving our products and developing new flours. This department is constantly experimenting on various recipes of flours and mixtures combining grains as well as innovative raw materials with different quality characteristics so that they always achieve the best possible result for our customer. With the guidance of this department we can choose the right grains with which our production will achieve the right grain blends that will give stable flour and mixes of superior quality.

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