Quality and food safety policy

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Quality Policy

The policy of «LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS» in the field of quality is expressed in the full commitment of the company’s Management to:

  • Consciously implementing a Quality Management System for the production and trading of flour and by-products of cereal milling and the operation of the port, and the continuous effort to improve its efficiency.
  • Fully harmonising and complying with the legal and regulatory requirements concerning its operation, products and Quality Management System. Compliance with the relevant European and National Legislation and with the applicable standards and technical directives of the EU is fundamental.
  • Achieving maximum possible satisfaction of its customers’ needs, for the products and services offered to them, using the best available technology and know-how for the financial potential of the company.
  • Conducting business activities in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law. This commitment is reflected by Core Values of our Company, such as: Accountability, Respect towards the workforce and the community and Responsibility of both management and workforce. These values embody who we are and what we do.

In order to uphold the above commitments, the company’s Management will provide, as appropriate, material and human resources, making the appropriate investments. In accordance with its business plan, the company will meet its anticipated needs in personnel and equipment based on the requirements for meeting the quality objectives. The Company Quality Policy is generally reflected in the following objectives:

  • Continuous growth and increase of the company’s market share, with a specific legal management policy on Health and Safety at work and corporate social responsibility.
  • The Code of Conduct of LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS, which is one of the company’s cornerstones. The code serves as a guide for making right and ethical decisions.
  • Continuous strengthening of the solid and constructive relationship with the workforce by being continuously aware of their needs, working conditions and their overall satisfaction.
  • Achieving, maintaining and improving its image and reliability, offering products of stable, high quality, at competitive prices and relying on efficient services.
  • Continuous strengthening of the solid and constructive relationship with customers by being continuously aware of their needs, and their own customers’ needs, in terms of quality and service, and planning of the quality improvements, based on their feedback.

The basic Quality Policy, which guides the planning of all actions of “LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS”, is widely famous both inside and outside the company and is summarised in the following framework of quality objectives:

  • Achieving and maintaining the quality of the products it produces, at the level promised to customers and in accordance with its legal obligations. Emphasising on the suitability of materials and the control of the conditions of their production, with the constant aim of reducing non-compliant products.
  • Optimising the mapping processes of the technical requirements of each project-complex and the manufacturing and installation process, in order for them to become more effective, and to reduce errors, processing and cost burden on products.
  • Satisfying customer orders and delivery schedules within the agreed deadlines and always according to the specified terms, and informing customers about the proper use of its products. Achieving continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and reduction of complaints.

The food quality and safety policy shall be notified to the interested parties as required by the standards..

Nikos Loulis

Environmental Management Policy 

LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS takes care to protect the environment by applying an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015. This concern is an integral part of the overall operational framework of the company and a key management element, which is committed to designing and operating in order to achieve high environmental performance, taking into account the best economic and technical choices and the strict compliance with the National and Community Environmental Legislation. The system includes:

  • Continuously monitoring the impact of the company’s activities on the natural environment and taking preventive measures to reduce these impacts.
  • Devising enforcement measures for dealing with problems and emergencies that may arise during the operation of the company.
  • Setting measurable goals and creating corresponding programs for the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance.
  • Regular communication with all parties involved — personnel, suppliers, partners, local community, businesses with the same, relevant or complementary scope — on environmental issues affecting the entire spectrum of the company’s activities, in order to evaluate all relevant environmental data and raise awareness on environmental management issues.

The management ensures the systematic updating and training of its personnel, in order to become a lever for the stable operation and effectiveness of the environmental management system, which is regularly monitored and reviewed in order to continuously improve its environmental performance.

Key elements in the environmental management of LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS are the rational management of raw and other materials, the systematic recycling of waste and the rational use of natural resources.

The vision of our people is the company’s maximum possible contribution to the protection of the environment and its recognition as a pioneer in sustainable development.

Nikos Loulis

Food Safety Management Policy

LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS carries out every activity related to the production and distribution of products and by-products of milling the company produces, in a way as to test their safety regarding the health of potential consumers in the most effective way.

Via the application of recorded procedures, the management ensures:

  • excellent operational condition of the building facilities and processing equipment.
  • strict compliance with the safety standards for raw materials, intermediate and final products.
  • staff training.
  • implementation of good industrial and hygienic practices.
  • implementation of ethical decisions and corporate social responsibility standards.
  • compliance with customer and audit requirements as well as with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The continuous development of the culture-mentality of employees regarding food safety and the increase of their awareness.

LOULIS FOOD INGREDINETS management believes that continuous vigilance is required, so that the safety of produced food products remains at the required level at all times, regarding the health of potential consumers, and has understood that the implementation of a food safety management system (HACCP) – with data allowing self-evaluation and improvement – is imperative.

Nikos Loulis

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