Quality flour and raw materials are the main reasons why the professional will choose to work with Loulis Food Ingredients.

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In addition to quality, however, our products are framed by additional services, which have as their sole objective the training, service and continuous development of professionals.

Sales Network

The Sales Department is at the disposal of customers for their immediate service, both for ordering and for providing advice on the appropriate selection of products that will meet their needs. The distribution of bakery and confectionery flours & mixes throughout Greece is carried out through an organized distribution network, with a large fleet of trucks and silos, as well as a number of transport partners serving customers from Evros to Crete.

Technical Consultants

Our priority is always the absolute and comprehensive customer service and we place special emphasis on their technical support.

Our company’s experienced and renowned technical consultants and Master Bakers are fully informed about the entire range of our products and experts to train, serve, advise and also recommend the appropriate products to each partner according to his needs.

This service is offered free of charge to the company’s professional clients.


Our main goal is the continuous development of our customers and for this reason we have created 2 specially equipped training rooms, the Greek Baking School in Keratsini and the demonstration and seminar room in Sourpi Magnesia.

Through a series of baking seminars, professionals can acquire specialized knowledge about baking techniques, get to know new flours and baking & pastry mixes and also try new recipes for their products.

The objectives of the seminars are for our customers to be the first to be constantly informed about new nutritional trends, so that they can offer innovative products to consumers.

Online baking seminars

Once again, we are pioneering the services we offer to our customers by hosting online baking seminars. The seminars are conducted by our experienced technicians, in the fully equipped Greek Baking School. Our goal is for our customers to learn the correct baking techniques, to get to know the excellent products we have available, but also the quality solutions and the unique advantages that each of them offers.

With the webinars, all our customers, wherever they are in Greece, have the opportunity to see what’s new on the market and to learn about special preparation methods so that they can create unique recipes with our products. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to share their questions about the products or techniques presented and receive a valid answer to them from our experienced technicians.

Promotional services & marketing

At the center of our activities are our customers and it is very important for us to inform them about new products and support them in selling to the end consumer.

We offer a wealth of information material to our professional customers on the benefits of a specific or entire category of flours or blends, so that they know as much as possible about the products they produce.
We also provide them with printed information material for their customers, so that they too are informed about the products and their benefits.

In addition, with the aim of improving the purchasing experience of consumers, we offer all the supporting means (posters, stands, product ties) in order to ensure that the consumer will have the opportunity to be informed about our products.

In promotional contexts, we organize promotion cycles with a variety of products, within the bakeries, with the aim of getting to know the consumer public, the new nutritional trends, as well as the new flavors, prepared with our flours and mixes.

Loulis Food Ingredients aims to have an active online presence through social media and the company website.

Through Facebook we keep our customers informed about new products, company news and events, but also market trends, and there is a direct communication with them, through various contests and quizzes that we carry out.

Finally, we frequently update all our sites with new product suggestions, flours and recipes, so that professionals as well as consumers are always up to date on the latest market trends. We have also created newsletters for the professionals of bakeries, confectioneries or catering businesses (HO.RE.CA), where they can be the first to learn the news of their industry, read useful articles and be informed about new products and recipes.


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