5th Sustainability Report 2018

Loulis Food Ingredients_5th Sustainability Report 2018

"Loulis Mills S.A.", spanning 237 years of history and tradition in creative bakery products, have for the fifth consecutive year published their Annual Sustainability Report for year 2018, in accordance with the GRI Standards, ISO 26000 and in full compliance with the International Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations. The report comprises a record of every action taken by the company with a view to benefit Society, the Economy, Human Resources and the Environment and is a testament to the active commitment undertaken by "Loulis Mills S.A.” for the implementation of the concept of sustainable development on a daily basis of activity, thus contributing to a positive outlook for posterity, based on a vision of the attribution of creative value to human nutrition.
A perpetual, strategic goal for "Loulis Mills S.A.” has consistently been and continues to be the timeless identification of the company’s name with quality, innovative products, good health and safety, as well as with specialised services, customer care and the creation of an added value factor within the context of viable entrepreneurship.
Society Pillar
In 2018, the company gave the local communities comprising their main locale of activity a significant boost, by enhancing the human resources of these regions to a great extent. They gave a robust example of dedication to their vision for contributing to the social milieu by actively supporting the fire victims, following the unprecedented national tragedy at the region of Mati, in the prefecture of Attica, in July of 2018. Additionally, always educationally-oriented in their contribution, the company has redesigned and fully run a renovated facility, the Loulis Museum, incorporating new educational programs with a focus on food waste and healthy eating. Meanwhile, also in 2018, the company made an active contribution to the work of the Ark of the World and the “BOROUME” non-profit organisation, as well as to the work of an additional 195 Non-profit Organisations (NGOs).
The key activities of social contribution carried out by "Loulis Mills S.A.” in 2018 have been as follows:
Redesigning and operation of the Loulis Museum
"Loulis Mills S.A.” support to the Ark of the World and the “BOROUME” non-profit organisation
Support to 195 NGOs
Organisation of a Seminar on Food Waste
Support to fire victims
New educational program on food waste and healthy eating at the Loulis Museum
Continuous Operation of the Greek Baking School
Refurbishment and donation of playground equipment to the kindergarten of the Municipality of Almyros
Economy Pillar
In the course of 2018, the company introduced to the market 9 new, innovative professional and consumer products, while simultaneously maintaining a high standard of optimal product quality and superb raw materials. In the wake of 11 years of activity, the company again made inroads to the industries abroad, especially the Balkan markets, by purchasing a modern Mill in Bulgaria. At the same time, merger of the “Kenfood” company by subsidiary “Nutribakes” was concluded, while, with the purpose of better servicing customers in the regions of Attica and Southern Greece, the company purchased a new storehouse facility at the Municipality of Mandra in the prefecture of Attica. In addition, the company has continued implementation of the Contractual Agriculture program.
Overall, as regards the Economy Pillar, "Loulis Mills S.A.” has proceeded to implement the following:
Creation of new products: 4 professional-oriented - 2 consumer-oriented - 3 “Easy Bake” brands
Participation as mentors in the 1st Business Idea Contest
Support of 2 research programs
Contractual Agriculture Program
Purchase of a Mill in Bulgaria
Merger of “Kenfood” company with subsidiary "Loulis Mills S.A. - Nutribakes”
Purchase of a new storehouse facility in the Municipality of Mandra in the prefecture of Attica
Human Resources Pillar
"Loulis Mills S.A”, have always operated with a focus on people and their needs. In 2018, the company proceeded to recruit 35 new employees, in proof of their willingness to support the local communities in which they carry out their business activities - considering also that 68% of their employees derives from these communities. In addition, making a substantial investment in the education and more extensive development of their entire personnel’s potential for growth, they offered an additional 2,887 hours of training. At the same time, the company provided all their employees with private socialised health care, while successfully completing participation in the fourth consecutive Voluntary Action Week. Participation of their employees in blood donation drives and activities to upgrade surroundings in the local communities has been especially moving.
With a focus of the company's activities on people, the company has provided:
New employment opportunities within the local communities they are activated in. A 68% percentage of employees in "Loulis Mills S.A” come from the regions of Attica, Magnisia and Thiva
35 new employees
Group Healthcare
2,887 hours of employee training
Voluntary actions (blood donation drives and blood bank maintenance facility) by organising the 4th Voluntary Action Week.
Environment Pillar
The company’s awareness and management of the impact of their operation on the environment, makes them willing to pursue containment of their negative environmental impact and optimisation of the respective positive effects. They implement a specific, specified environmental management system, certified by the international ISO 14001 2015 standard in the industrial facility located at the village of Sourpi. In this context, in 2018, they continued to implement the approved anti-pollution sea protection program, while at the same time placing additional focus on their personnel’s education and training on environmental issues. Furthermore, they placed particular emphasis on recycling, managing to attain another year of zero waste of any kind. Moreover, they proceeded to conduct precautionary inspections and measurements in order to locate any available resources for energy enhancement - performance, while they also went on to proceed to the afforestation of the grove situated in the Municipality of Keratsini, thus attesting to their environmental awareness for yet another year.
Spanning two centuries of activity in the country’s market, "Loulis Mills S.A” give continuous testament to their respect towards the community, the economy, humanity and the environment, bringing specific initiatives to fruition and generating substantial results. The current year has been no exception to the materialisation of most of their objectives, presenting an enhanced profile in most of their endeavours. The “Annual Sustainability Report” confirms for yet another year that the company and their human resources pursue a common vision of contribution to the needs of both today's and future generations, while renewing the commitments and the objectives of the company for the upcoming year.


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