Loulis Mills remains close to fellow human again for 2021

Loulis Food Ingredients_Loulis Mills remains close to fellow human again for 2021

Loulis Mills, with a sense of responsibility towards fellow human, continued to offer uninterruptedly in 2021, even though it was a special year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, it supported more than 180 NGO’s allocating over 90 tons of flour to feed people in need, emphasizing the nutritional needs of children.

The company also supported actions aimed at preventing food waste and in collaboration with organizations active in dealing with this phenomenon, in terms of significant environmental impacts, managed and responsibly distributed 22 tons of the company's products with a shorter lifespan, successfully catching their rejection, with benefits for the environment, the economy, our fellow human beings and our society.

Mrs Olga Manou, Corporate Communications & Sustainability Director of Loulis Mills mentioned: "For another year we are next to our fellow human beings who are experiencing difficult times, offering them free flour, the main food commodity. With our vision of creating value in human nutrition, we continued to contribute to initiatives that promote local communities and contribute to their development, aiming at the continuous upgrading of its relations with them, through creative dialogue, so that the collaborations that lead to much more visible results from simply meeting social needs. "

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