Loulis Mills | A Fresh Bread Fest in Piraeus

Loulis Food Ingredients_Loulis Mills | A Fresh Bread Fest in Piraeus

Loulis Mills, spanning a long history and tradition of 7 generations of bakers, in association with the Bakers' Union of the Piraeus Prefecture, under the auspices of the Municipality of Piraeus and the kind support of the Piraeus Chamber of Crafts, has co-organised the Bread Fest in Canaris Square, from September 21 to 24, in the district of Pasalimani. 
From Saturday, September 21 until Tuesday, September 24, a fully-equipped, outdoor bakery was installed, where bakers kneaded, rolled and baked all kinds of baked goods, which they then gave out free of charge to the event’s visitors of all ages. The key concept and purpose of the event being support of the Neighbourhood’s Bakerydozens of bakers presented all stages of making fresh bread, while also demonstrating its nutritional value and its necessity for a healthy diet. Loulis Mills participated in the event by providing and installing their specially built kiosk at the exhibition, as well as by providing 1,500 pounds of flour to the bakers to cater for the event’s needs.
Indeed, on Saturday, September 21, visitors of all ages were entertained by dance groups and traditional music, while on Sunday, September 24 at 19:00, the opening of the event took place, whereby an address to the visitors was given by the President of the company, Mr. Nikos Loulis, who emphasised the importance of neighbourhood bakeries. Also, on Monday, September 23 and on Tuesday, September 24 young primary school children of Piraeus had the opportunity of attending an interactive theatrical play program on the subject of wheat and bread. Entertainers were also present at the kiosk, for the amusement of our little friends. In addition to that, the visitors were also drawn to the traditional stone flour mill installed by Loulis Mills, operating inside the kiosk, which gave them the opportunity to become acquainted first-sight with the process of milling the wheat and producing flour. 
Loulis Mills offer concrete proof of their contribution to society by implementing initiatives with substantial results. The “Bread Fest” has come to be an annual tradition and attests to the company’s support to the local community and to the bolstering of its economy. Loulis Mills, spanning a tradition that runs across two centuries, remains true to the company’s vision for creating value with respect to human nutrition by putting people first, both in the present time and for generations to come.

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