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22 June 2022

Aiming to improve the practices of Corporate Governance, Loulis Mills elected its new Board of Directors, at the General Assembly that took place on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

The new Board of Directors consists of renowned individuals, both in the professional sector and on a personal level.

The new Board of Directors of the company consists of:
· Loulis Nikolaos, Chairman, Executive Member of the Board of Directors
· Alexandri - Elizabeth Kapelanou, Vice President, Independent Non-Executive Member of the Board
· Fotopoulos Nikolaos, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Member of the Board of Directors
· Theodoropoulos Spyridon, Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors
· Machairas Konstantinos, Independent, Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors
· Taniskidis George, Independent, Non-Executive Member of the Board
· Fabbri Gianluca, Non-Executive Board Member

At the same time, the General Assembly voted and approved the change of the company's name from "Loulis Mills SA" to "Loulis Food Ingredients SA".
Mr. Nikos Loulis, Chairman of the Board of Directors and a major shareholder of the company, stated:

“I am very proud and happy that our company is taking an essential step towards a better and more substantial corporate governance. I would like to warmly thank the new members of the Board of Directors who accepted my invitation, devoting their valuable personal time to supporting me and Loulis Food Ingredients in our business trip. At the same time, I would like to thank the outgoing Board of Directors for its contribution over the years.

Also, the new name of our company, Loulis Food Ingredients, reflects the transformation that our organization has achieved in recent years, from a company that produces pure flour, to a company that produces and has a wide range of raw materials for the bakery and confectionery. This transformation has allowed us to be more export-oriented, but also closer to the modern requirements of the food industry, bakers and consumers through mixes, flour improvers, and other raw materials that we currently produce and provide. The name Loulis Mills will continue to exist as the brand name of all flours intended for professional use”.

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