Announcement of Loulis Mills S.A

Loulis Food Ingredients_Announcement of Loulis Mills S.A

In continuation of the announcement of 06.07.2007 of our company on the website of the Athens Stock Exchange and pursuant to the right application of article 2 par. 1 and 3 of the Decision No. 3/347/12.7.2005 of the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Commission, we are clarifying the following:

a) The price for the 60% of «LOULIS S.A.» (Romania) and the 60% of «SOFIA MEL S.A.» (Bulgaria) has been set at 34 million euro and 16 million euro respectively. The necessary actions for the transfer of the above shares through the respective Stock Exchanges have already been initiated. The payment of the price will take place at the conclusion of the stock transfers and after these have been settled.

b) Regarding the transfer of the 5% of the mother company Loulis Mills S.A, the seller will be Mr. Konstantinos Loulis and the price 3,3 million euro

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