Summary of Invitation to the General Assembly of Shareholders

Loulis Food Ingredients_Summary of Invitation to the General Assembly of Shareholders


(REGISTRATION NUMBER: 10344/06/Β/86/131)

The Board of Directors invites, according to the Law and the Articles of Association, the Shareholders of the Company at the Annual General Meeting on June 22, 2012, Friday at 10:00 am at the offices of the Company Sourpi Magnesia (Loulis Port) to take decisions on the following agenda items:

1) Submission and approval of the Annual Financial Statements of the Company and the Consolidated Financial Statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards for the fiscal year 2011, after hearing and approval of the relevant Board of Directors' and Certified Auditors' Report.

2) Distribution of annual profits for the fiscal year from 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011.

3) Discharge of the members of the Board of Directors and the Certified Auditors from any
liability for the year 2011.

4) Appointment of regular and substitute Certified Auditors for for the Ordinary Audit of the Financial Statements of the company (both Separate and Consolidated), in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards, for the fiscal year 2012 and
determination of their fees.

5) Approval of the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors.

6)Preliminary approval for wages, representation expenses and other fees to Members of the Board members for the next fiscal year from 1.1.2012 to 31.12.2012.

7) Election of a new Board of Directors and appointment of independent non-executive
members of the Board of Directors pursuant to Law 3016/2002 on corporate governance, as applicable.

8) Appointment of Audit Committee Members, in accordance with article 37 of Law 3693/2008.

9) Various issues and announcements.

Any person (natural or legal entity), is entitled to participate and vote in the Ordinary General Meeting in 22/06/2012 provided that he is recognized as a shareholder according to the registry of the Dematerialized Securities System (managed by the Hellenic Exchanges S.A.), on the Record Date (Article 28a of C.L. 2190/1920), meaning 17/06/2012 (the record date is the beginning of the fifth day before the date of the General Meeting).

Proof of qualification as a shareholder, either via a relevant written certification of the Hellenic Exchanges S.A.), or, alternatively, through the direct electronic link of the Company with the records of the same organization must be submitted to the Company at the latest, the third (3rd) day before the date of the General Meeting, i.e. by 19/6/2012.In this period the shareholders must submit to the Company, on receipt, any authorization documents (appointment / revocation) of their representatives.

Failure to achieve quorum, the first repeated General Meeting will take place on
03/07/2012, Tuesday at 10:00 am at the same place. At the repeated General Meeting shareholders may participate under the same standard conditions mentioned above. The shareholder status must be confirmed at the beginning of the fourth day before the day of Repeted General Meeting, ie until 06.29.2012 (Record Date of the Repeated General Meeting), and the relevant written certification or the electronic verification of the shareholders must be received by the Company no later than the third day before the General Meeting, ie until 30/6/2012.
Detailed information about exercising minority rights and conditions, and the full text of the invitation documents, draft resolutions and other information specified in paragraph 3 of article. 27 Law 2190/20 is available on the Company's website ( On the same date, the shareholders will be able to obtain a copy of these documents from the offices of the Shareholders of the Company at: Spetson 1 - Keratsini Attica (tel: 302 104 090 165).

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