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Our company has been part of Greek society for more than 241 years. Throughout the years and centuries, the philosophy of the Loulis family has been to support and strengthen society, an active part of which it continues to be.

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The social responsibility of the Loulis family can be traced back to 1870 when Ioannis Loulis donated 50,000 pounds to build the Konitsa Bridge in Ioannina, which in its time was a major and necessary project for the transport and trade of Epirus.

With respect to the society in which we operate, we support vulnerable social groups and those in real need, mainly in matters of nutrition, but also in dealing with other needs. We adopt practices and actions aimed at preventing and reducing food waste.

We support the education of the new generation through the Loulis Museum and the Greek Baking School.

We are committed to working with our social partners, we listen and take into account their needs and seek to be helpful as much as we can. We work closely with charities and Non-Governmental Organizations and bodies that have demonstrated significant and long-term public service work.


  • 2009-2023: Long-term support and contribution to local communities and vulnerable social groups with over 4,000 donations of flour and bakery & pastry mixes to 2,500 organizations, institutions & NGOs, church organizations, schools, municipalities and authorities. Part of the above donations concern the distribution of short-lived products and more comparatively in the year 2023 more than 9 tons of products with a shorter shelf life were distributed.
  • 2016: Establishment and operation of the Greek Baking School
  • 2013: Establishment and operation of the Loulis Museum
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