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Keratsini, 21st May 2013

LOULIS MILLS S.A. Company would like to take this opportunity to inform the investment community that the AL DAHRA AGRICULTURE SPAIN S.L. Company acquired today 1,522,228 shares in LOULIS MILLS, namely 10 % of the share capital.

In accordance with the Agreement that was signed today between LOULIS MILLS S.A. and AL DAHRA AGRICULTURE SPAIN S.L., AL DAHRA will cover a Share Capital Increase through a private placement in the sum of 7,8 mil Euros pursuant to which it will acquire an additional share, so that its total participation after the share capital increase will amount to 20 %.

LOULIS MILLS S.A. will undertake all the necessary processes so that this increase is completed as soon as possible.

The foundations of this deal that was finalised yesterday were established in November 2012 in the Abu Dhabi Palace between Nikos Loulis, Chairman of Loulis Mills and His Excellency Khadim Al Darei, vice-chairman of Al Dahra.


AL DAHRA AGRICULTURE SPAIN S.L. is a 100 % subsidiary of Al Dahra Holding LLC (Al Dahra). The Al Dahra Company is based at Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).It has made investments in the UAE,USA,Spain,Serbia,Egypt, South Africa,India,Morocco, Namibia and Pakistan.

It is active in the agricultural sector and specialises in the production of agricultural products and animal feed. Al Dahra is the strategic partner for the Abu Dhabi government in the food security program (Food Security Vision).

Al Dahra is now a leading company in the production and distribution of high quality agricultural products and, more specifically, it produces products that include wheat, rice, alfalfa, animal feed, vegetables, dates, olives and citrus. In 2012 Al Dahra cultivated 150,000 hectares of freehold and leased land and produced in total over 2,000,000 tonnes of products in 10 different countries. In 2012 its revenues reached 500 mil. €, and it employed 1,300 people.

The company's goal, through its investments in primary and secondary production in various countries throughout the world, is to ensure the continuous and smooth flow of food to both the UAE government and other countries in middle-east and north-east Asia
through trans-national food support programmes.


The cooperation between the Loulis Mills and the Al Dahra company opens new frontiers.
Specifically, in relation to Loulis Mills:

It directly links the company with primary grain production and logistics of grains, which to a large extent ensures qualitative stability and the quantitative adequacy of raw materials

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